**BUNDLE DEAL*** Phoneme Frame Kit


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Our Phoneme Frame Kit provides scaffolded support during whole and also small group explicit teaching.

  • 1 x A3 magnet (printed on magnetic backing)
  • 5  x A4 350gsm printed gloss cards

The A3 phoneme frame magnet can be used with magnetic counters or magnetic letters for word building and sound swaps (word chains, word ladders, swap it) during whole class teaching or small group explicit teaching.

This bundle deal is perfect for developing phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, word reading and spelling. A must for teaching in an explicit, systematic and multisensory way.

  • Designed and made in New Zealand
  • Modern and clutter free design
  • Price excludes GST & postage/shipping

Please note: counters or magnetic letters are not included.

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