Working Together To Bridge The Gap Between Evidence-Based Literacy Research And Effective Classroom Instruction

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GEM Literacy is a South Auckland based professional learning facilitator who supports schools and educators to bridge the gap between research and effective evidence-based classroom instruction from Year 1-8.

Building Foundations for Lifelong Literacy

At GEM Literacy, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in literacy that will support them throughout their lives. Our focus on Structured Literacy enables us to provide evidence-based teaching and learning that builds these critical foundations.

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New A3 Phoneme Frame Magnet

Innovative design and function for whole class and small group explicit teaching.

“Gemma has been a huge part of our Structured Literacy journey. She has shared her wealth of knowledge through school-wide professional development, working closely with leadership and syndicate teams. Gemma is professional, knowledgeable and approachable! Thank you for your knowledge and all the support over the years, we wouldn’t be where we are now without you. It has been such a privilege working alongside you.”

Puava Sakaria

Junior School Syndicate Leader

“Koru School started our Structured Literacy journey with PLD provided by Gemma Maddocks. Gemma’s enthusiasm, confidence, knowledge, presentation style and professionalism has supported our staff to develop the foundation we needed to implement structured literacy across the whole school. Gemma continues to support us with our journey.”

Stan Whata

Principal, Koru School

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