An Introduction to the Explicit Teaching of Vocabulary



An Introduction to the Explicit Teaching of Vocabulary – The Bridge to Language Comprehension  – Watch on Demand Webinar by GEM Literacy (Gemma Maddocks)

This 70 minute webinar will begin to unpack:

  • “The Why” of vocabulary instruction 
  • The relationship between vocabulary and background knowledge and how these underpin oral language and reading comprehension
  • Practical and systematic classroom application from Year 1-8 + FREE access to resources (Editable EARLY Reading Vocabulary Strips and our  ADVANCED Vocabulary Building Scaffold) 
  • This webinar is for classroom teachers, Learning Assistants/Teaching Assistants, Literacy Specialists, RTLits/RTLBs, Tutors and anyone who wishes to learn more about explicit and systematic vocabulary instruction.  

Please note: You will have 7 days to view this webinar from the time of purchase. The price of $5.00 is per single viewer. Please request an invoice for a multiple viewer license.

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